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Welcome to we-website, your experts for web design, online stores and digital marketing directly from the vibrant city of Essen. Rooted in the Ruhr area, we strive to conquer the digital world with creative and customized online solutions. Whether you need an impressive website, want to drive your online business forward or want to strengthen your brand digitally - we are your partner on the road to success.

Let's turn the Internet into your playing field together!

we have set ourselves a goal: websites for everyone!

We firmly believe that everyone, from self-employed people and associations to local businesses and private individuals, should have the opportunity to strengthen their online presence. With tailor-made solutions and a personalized approach, we make digital dreams come true - let us take your digital business card to the world.

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Krabbelgruppe Wildfang

Our journey into web design began unexpectedly.

Although Nils' world was IT and Janina's was industry, chance led us down a new path together with Ina Knoke, a family acquaintance. She asked us if we could imagine designing a website - a challenge we accepted despite having no previous experience.

With Janina's eye for design and Nils' technical know-how, we dove in and created the website for Krabbelgruppe Wildfang in June 2020 - a project that ignited our passion for web design.

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Ferienhaus Baumberge

The story of our collaboration with Raphaela & Daniel Ahlers began when the response to the website we designed for the Wildfang toddler group was exceptionally positive.

Inspired by this success, the Ahlers approached us with the desire to redesign the online home for their idyllically located vacation homes in the Baumberge. Their enthusiasm for our previous project kicked off a creative journey where we not only redesigned their existing website, but completely rebuilt it from the ground up to make their vision a reality.

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The successful collaboration with Raphaela & Daniel Ahlers on the vacation homes in the Baumberge was just the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

Driven by their passion for sport and a desire to bring community and fitness together, they planned to open a unique family gym in Billerbeck. Together, we dove deep into the planning phase, developing a bespoke web design that not only reflected their vision, but also offered convenient booking options for their future members. With the 'Family-Fit-Billerbeck' project, we created a digital space that perfectly captures the dynamism and warmth of their fitness philosophy and allows members to become part of this exciting new community.

After completion, the website was handed over in full to Raphaela & Daniel so that they can continue to design and expand it in the future.

to the websitedecember 2020

go live: we-website

Our journey into the world of web design not only revealed to us the gratitude of small entrepreneurs and private individuals, but also lit a beacon of inspiration within us.

In the course of our work, we kept hearing about the industry's daunting offers, which often run into the four-figure range for customized websites - a hurdle that seemed insurmountable for many small, local businesses.

Driven by the desire to break through this barrier, the idea of democratizing the landscape of web design was born: 'Websites for everyone! With a vision that was just as clear as our decision, we set to work. Our own website was quickly online, a diverse product portfolio took shape and, with the registration of our small business, we were officially on our way.

In December 2020, we set sail with our own small business, armed with the belief that quality web design should be accessible and affordable for everyone. Our approach was simple: innovative design, transparent pricing and an unwavering commitment to our clients' success. Thus began our adventure to change the digital landscape, one creative masterpiece at a time.

december 2020

Claudia Hoffmann - Coaching and consulting

In spring 2021, we received a special request from Claudia Hoffmann.

Claudia, a passionate coach and consultant, faced the challenge of being barely visible in the digital world. Her valuable services for entrepreneurial children and life changers deserved more attention. In an engaging exchange, we deeply understood Claudia's vision and goals and developed a customized plan to transform her online presence.

Through targeted SEO optimizations, we have managed to place Claudia's services prominently in her local community. Our journey with Claudia is a living example of the power of collaboration and digital marketing.

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Enwavement Sports Physiotherapy

In the vibrant city of Cologne, where tradition and modernity intersect, we began working with Caro, a passionate physiotherapist who had decided to realize her dream of opening her own practice.

Caro came to us with a rucksack full of ideas - a rough draft of her future website was already sketched out, her vision for a modern healthcare offering clearly defined. Our mission was to translate this vision into the digital world.

Not only did we create a website, but we also integrated an innovative booking system to prepare Caro's practice for the future of digitalization. It was a journey full of creativity and technical precision that showed us once again how fulfilling supporting committed female entrepreneurs can be.

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When Salip, a renowned wedding singer from Münsterland, decided to expand his digital footprint, he encountered some unexpected challenges with his WordPress website.

He found his way to us through the recommendation of friends. In a joint meeting, we looked at Salip's previous work and together we developed a vision for his new landing page. It was an inspiring collaboration that showed how passion and technology can go hand in hand to make artistic dreams come true.

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health h GmbH

In frosty February 2021, we took on the exciting challenge of not only creating a website for the yet-to-be-founded health-h GmbH, but also designing a digital home.

We quickly realized:
This project called for extraordinary solutions. Our journey with health-h GmbH developed into our most ambitious project to date in the world of web design. A project that pushed boundaries and set new standards.

But this is just the beginning:
We will remain at Björn Zeien's side to continue scaling new peaks together.

learn moreseptember 2021

Wildfang Natur

In spring 2022, we took on the honorable task of launching "Wildfang Natur", an innovative outdoor childcare project.

Inspired by the vision of Ina's husband, a committed member of the Krabbelgruppe Wildfang, we quickly realized that our expertise in web design and digital strategy could be crucial to the success of this project.

With a focus on user-friendliness and an appealing visual presentation, we developed a customized website that has formed the heart of "Wildfang Natur" since its launch in March 2022.

to the websitemarch 2022


At the beginning of 2022, when war broke out in Ukraine, health-h GmbH showed exceptional commitment under the leadership of Björn Zeien. They immediately recognized the urgent need to help refugees in need of care.

We were entrusted with and involved in the ambitious "health4ukraine" project: In a very short time, we developed special subpages that enabled those affected and their families to get in touch in order to coordinate safe transportation options. In addition, we integrated functions for appeals for donations and a press office to provide extensive support for the project.

This project became a shining example of our ability to respond quickly and effectively to humanitarian crises.

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Healthcare Innovations Network UG

In the spring of this year, in mid-March to be precise, we received an inspiring request from Tobias, the founder of Healthcare Innovations Network UG.

His intention was to initiate a wave of change in the healthcare sector by creating a platform for start-ups with 'healthcare iNNK'. This vision of making the healthcare sector more vibrant and innovative resonates deeply with our values.

After a lively exchange of ideas and visions, it quickly became clear that we were the perfect partner for this project.

Our journey began, and we brought all our expertise to bear to create a website that not only informs, but also inspires. In September 2022, the time had come: the website shone in all its glory and marked the beginning of a new chapter in healthcare.

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Unboxing Healthcare UG

Björn from "health-h" and Tobias from "healthcare iNNK" came together at the end of 2022. Years of friendship and a shared vision for the healthcare sector led them to a bold decision: to found an innovative platform and magazine that would shed light on the dark corners of the healthcare sector. Their search for a partner who understood and could implement their vision ended with us - we-website.

Together, we lit the fire of innovation and launched the first magazine with its own landing page in February 2023. This platform quickly became a beacon, with over 350,000 page views (as of early 2024) since its launch - proof that our shared mission is more than just a spark in the night.

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Holzart GmbH

Our paths crossed with Holzart GmbH, a masterpiece of craftsmanship from our own region, when they were looking for a digital showcase for their innovative timber construction projects.

Our enthusiasm for their vision was immediately sparked. Together, we designed a concept that not only reflected their values and expertise, but also ushered in a new era for their digital image.

It didn't end with the website: We accompanied Holzart GmbH on their journey to digital transformation by successfully migrating their mail infrastructure to Microsoft 365 and promising to keep a watchful eye on their digital future.

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Dr. Tobias Krick - Healthcare Rebell

In a world where healthcare and technology are constantly evolving, Dr. Tobias Krick, the founder of Healthcare iNNK, has been at the forefront of the digital health movement.

His commitment to start-ups and his desire to create his own digital home also led him to us with his second request. We have already had the privilege of working with Tobias on various projects in the past.

When it came time to launch "", he once again put his trust in our expertise. Our journey together was characterized by innovation, trust and a vision for the future.

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Zeckenkarte Safecard

Our adventure with Frans from Zeckenkarte SafeCard® began with a phone call similar to the one we received from Claudia Hoffmann.

Frans shared his concern with us with a clarity that immediately caught our attention: his company was invisible in the digital sea, which had a direct impact on his sales.

Together with Frans, we immersed ourselves in the world of SEO, developed a customized strategy and redesigned his website from the ground up. The first fruits of our joint work soon became apparent, and although SEO takes time, we are confident that the path we have taken will lead Frans' company to new shores.

Frans' confidence in our expertise grew with every step, and it wasn't long before he entrusted us with another exciting project to create a new website for another of his ventures. We'll keep you posted!

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A shining example of our philosophy is our collaboration with Jana, the founder of KiNDER.LiEB.

Jana came to us with a passionate vision: she wanted to support parents and interested parties with high-quality training programs to be able to act confidently in emergency situations with children and to master everyday baby care.

Our aim was to create a platform that reflects Jana's expertise and commitment to children and their families. We are pleased to report that we were able to take this ambitious project from idea to live in less than a week.

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