Discover with us the magazine that is redefining the future of healthcare. Become part of a community that is committed to real change. Together, we're not just building a magazine; we're creating a movement.

When Björn and Tobias - the creative minds behind "health-h" and "healthcare iNNK" - joined forces with the vision of shaking up the healthcare sector, they knew it wouldn't be an easy task. But their indomitable spirit found the ideal ally in we-website. Within a few months, together we launched the first magazine and landing page, which quickly became the mouthpiece for innovation in the healthcare sector. With over 350,000 page views by the beginning of 2024, the platform has already made an impressive impact.

Our role went far beyond mere development. For Unboxing Healthcare UG, we put together a comprehensive professional package that included migrating existing mail accounts to Office365/Exchange Online, launching a dynamic blog and a quarterly magazine. Since the launch, we have managed the project with dedicated support and maintenance - a testament to our dedication to our clients' success.

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