Discover a comprehensive range of courses at the Wildfang toddler group in Coesfeld, including baby massages and professional consultations specifically designed to promote early childhood development.

The collaboration with the Krabbelgruppe Wildfang marked our first step into the world of web design.

Our journey began when Ina Knoke, a friend of our family, knocked on our door and asked us if we had the confidence to design a website. With little experience, but a lot of enthusiasm, we took on the task. Janina brought her design affinity to the table, while Nils put his technical skills to good use.

The result was a customized website that went online in June 2020. Our commitment to the Krabbelgruppe Wildfang extended far beyond the design:
Today it would be our "professional package", back then it was a comprehensive web design, the implementation of an online booking system and continuous maintenance and support from the very beginning. In addition, we ensured that the website received the attention it deserved with comprehensive SEO optimization.

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