At health-h GmbH, the focus is on consulting and support in the German healthcare sector, specializing in digital transformation, market entry and the development of care networks. Our commitment to innovative solutions is driving evolution in one of the most important sectors of our society.

The founding of health-h GmbH marked the start of an extraordinary collaboration in February 2021. Our aim was to create a platform that not only informs, but also inspires.

The result: a web design project that, in terms of its scope and complexity, surpasses anything we had ever implemented before. By using Editor X from WIX, we created a highly responsive and customizable website that masters every requirement of health-h GmbH with flying colors.

However, our commitment goes beyond the initial publication:
We provide ongoing maintenance and support, have implemented a well thought-out SEO concept and designed the platform in multiple languages to maximize reach and accessibility. Our partnership with Björn Zeien and health-h GmbH is a living example of how we turn challenges into opportunities.

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